Who We Are

We are a B2B community builder with focus on the customer experience with digital credits as settlements for trade transactions. BBX works alongside your existing bank account and doesn’t replace your cash business but gives your business additional revenue by selling spare capacity within the BBX community. We provide you with an immediate network to help transform your business as your business catalyst to progress your business the way you want.

At BBX we want you to know we take our member’s commitment and values very seriously. Therefore we have in place a commitment to you and your one off lifetime investment fee for membership with BBX. We undertake to you a guarantee of your payment for membership with a 100% refund policy to the same value of your membership. If after twelve months of your membership and you have not received the same value or more in new business through BBX trade via new sales through our trading program, we will refund your membership cash fee investment to the same value in BBX T$.


Our Mission

“We are committed to building a world of economic opportunities for our customers by dismantling the barriers to economic growth. It is critical we must listen to our customers, understand their needs and wants, and, above all, deliver the safest and most rewarding customer experience of BBX, every time.”